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About Rayco of Allentown, Inc

We look forward to helping you with your Automotive needs.

Rayco of Allentown, Inc has been in business, since 1947. Since then, we’ve customized & restored seats, installed carpets & restored convertible tops, in thousands of vehicles. Rayco Automotive is a family-run business, with over 70 years of experience.

Rayco Automotive is the upholstery shop of choice for Lehigh Valley, PA. Rayco gives all of our customers expert & friendly service. We guarantee quality workmanship. Rayco offers the expertise to replace, repair or customize your seats, carpeting & convertible top & more.

How Rayco Services Our Customers

Convertible tops

  • We replace all convertibles with matching colors

  • We also match materials to factory specifications

  • All vinyl tops can also be upgraded to cloth, if desired

Headliners, Seats & Carpets too!

  • Rayco Automotive can match most original materials for American muscle cars.

  • We can also service domestic & foreign vehicles. We can get original colors of leather.

  • Rayco also works on luxury automobiles such as Jaguar, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, & Bentley.

  • In most cases, Rayco Automotive insures exact matches of factory design of seats.

  • Rayco can get original colors & patterns of carpets or customize to your request.


Antique car restoration


Classic car restoration

Many people may assume that car upholstery strictly refers to the seats within the vehicle. Auto Upholstery & upholstery repairs can apply to many other components of a car’s interior. Below are a few examples of items of what Rayco may be able to repair, replace or customize:

  • Seats

    Owners mostly associate automobile upholstery with the seats. Depending on the fabric, including fabric, vinyl or leather. Care & repair upkeep will differ, depending on what type your car has inside.

  • Interior Carpets

    Not only the carpet you’ll find on the floor of most vehicles, People do not realize that there is also a fair amount of carpet & other fabric in the trunk. Automotive carpet is designed to be extremely durable & stain resistant, but the material can wear out or become damaged with regular wear & tear. Rayco looks forward to helping you with your vehicles carpet needs.

  • Headliners

    The headliner of a car is the fabric material that covers the ceiling. This may also include fabric-covered roof supports & frames. It’s especially common to find rippled, sagging, or loose headliners in older vehicles.

  • Convertible tops & vinyl roof covers

    Being experienced in auto upholstery, Rayco Automotive can also repair or restore both convertible top fabric & frames, as well as, the vinyl or canvas roof covers featured on some older vehicles or modern luxury cars.

  • Door panels

    Doors & interior door panels get a lot of use, they often take more abuse than other upholstery features. It’s not unusual for the fabric or other materials that cover them to become damaged. Rayco can address any issues that you may have with the door panels.

  • Dashboards

    Not every auto upholsterer will be able to repair dashboards. With Rayco's many years of experience we may be able make repairs or cover up damage to this most noticeable part of your vehicle’s interior.

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